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How To Paint And Distress Kitchen Cabinets

Dip your brush into the paint so you are covering no more that half way up the bristles. Distressed kitchen cabinets Difficulties cabinets complement certain decor such as rural areas country or shabby chic.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Guide Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Distressed Kitchen Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet doors allow to dry overnight before adding a second coat of paint if needed.

How to paint and distress kitchen cabinets. Laminate cabinets require a special bonding primer. Apply a light layer of antique glaze to the distressed cabinets. Place a small amount of your lighter shade of paint in a container.

However if you are tired of the look and want to clean your closet the difficulties facing them which is a short walk is planned. Painting kitchen cabinets is often all it takes to transform your cooking space into a place worthy of those feasts you love to whip up. Use the sandpaper to wear down areas around the knobs of the kitchen cabinets down to the bottom layer of paint.

Amy Matthews gives step-by-step instructions on the best methods for painting kitchen cabinetsFind more great content from DIY NetworkSubscribe to DIY Netw. This will go over your first coat of paint to help with the layered distressed look. Repeat this same method of distressing around areas that would see the most use like the edges opposite of the hinges.

After removing the hardware we recommend that the cabinets be thoroughly cleaned with a good cleaner degreaser to remove all grease and oils that normally buildup on kitchen cabinetry over time. Similarly the antiqued slowly aged look can be achieved with some paint magic. Use a sanding block to sand the front sides of the cabinets.

Special cabinet paints are available that provide a smooth finish but any high-quality paint should work. The laminate must be in good condition for best results. Apply a even coat but not too generous to avoid drips or runs.

You can use an antique glaze rubbed all over and then sealed or try several layers of varying paint thats then battered and sanded. Hold your paint brush at a 45-degree angle and apply a little pressure when painting the surface. You might be thinking that repainting kitchen cabinets is not as easy as it looks and youre right.

Once the piece is fully dry you can begin to remove some of the paint and distress the piece with steel wool and sandpaper. Choose a high-quality paint. Then use a cloth to rub a stain or glaze into the surface of the wood adding more layers until youre satisfied with the color.

Lightly sand the cabinets and then wipe away the dust with a clean rag or tack cloth. To distress cabinets start by sanding them with 80-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface so the stain sticks. Download How To Paint Distressed Kitchen Cabinets PicturesI did not actually distress my cabinets.

Brown glazes and tints give a unique warm and natural effect when used to distress kitchen cabinets. Wood cabinets are ideal for painting but any surface that can be scuffed with sandpaper can be painted. If you want to give your cabinets a bit of extra character rub them with a high grit sandpaper bang the edges with a hammer and use a screw to make small groupings of round holes to mimic wormholes.

When the paint is dry to reveal the colors underneath distress the finish by hitting it with a chain and lightly sanding in the spots where the cabinets get the most use. Too much distress and youll just make your kitchen cabinets look shabby and not in the intentionally cool chic way. Step 3 in distressing and antiquing kitchen cabinets is to sand them well.

Sand until the wood under the paint is fully exposed. Sand the Edges and Corners. Painting cabinets of difficulties is easy and can completely transform a room.

If you painted two coats use the steel wool to go over the waxed areas. This color helps give cabinets more warmth and can be applied to achieve a subtle or bold distressed effect according to your liking. Mix in water 1 teaspoon at a time until paint is thin like a wash but not so thin that it bubbles when you apply it.

Make sure you sand down sharp edges so they appear more rounded. Unlike regular paints the key to getting a great distressed look with chalk paint is to make your cabinets look old and a bit banged up before you start painting. Clean away the wood dust and remains left after sanding.

However all it takes is the right paint and a little bit of expert know-how. Apply a clear topcoat layer to the glaze to leave a nice shine. Using a sanding block wrapped in 80-grit sandpaper sand the raised edges and corners of each cabinet door and opening.

Tape around the cabinets and lay down plastic sheeting on top of the countertops to protect them.

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